Monday, 4 November 2013

London Fashion Week AW13

Here is my latest article on 'Nerve Magazine' of Bournemouth University.

Just thought I'd share this with you guys as well :)

London Fashion Week A/W 2013

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Grunge Fashion Is Back by Stradivarius

Remember the times where people didn't care too much after their looks? When here were no rules and everyone could dress up how they wanted without being judged? We are getting that back!

Stradivarius's new collection evokes those memories. Wearing shorts, tights, t-shirt and a shirt with no problem. The messier, the better results. Dr Martens, leather, studs, skinny jeans and beanies. And lets not forget those super comfortable plaid shirts. 

Now everything is back, with a little sophistication in the messiness of our daily fashion choices.

From: Stradivarius Fall 2013 Collection

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Vintage Fair

Found myself in a lovely Vintage Fair and thought I might pop in and take a look. What surprised me most was not the amount of people wondering through the stands but the amount of young people that went compared to the ones belonging to the 'older generation'. It is nice to see such interest amongst the younger people. Everyone is attracted to vintage items, and hopefully this will last.

A very '60s atmosphere was created with live music on stage, vintage beauty makeover and a cute tea corner full of pastries and a great tea variety. 

Here are my two favourite dresses:

Blue short dress with lace attached to
the front of the dress, highlighting the 
waist. Cute white and pink flowers make
the dress feminine and definitely vintage.

I would pair this with dark blue tights and 
pink flats for a more feminine touch; 
alternatively, brown ankle boots for a 
more casual chic approach.

A cute pink cotton dress with a white
lace upper part. Very feminine, very
vintage and perfect for a casual day

 I would pair this with nude tights,
a white handbag and black or white flats.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Go Sports!

I just entered The Volleyball varsity team at my University, so I thought of doing a little entry on sportswear.

Usually when we think about fashion and getting dressed, we think about going out, events, special occasions of every day wonder arounds. What we usually forget is that we have to look chic also while we keep our bodies in shape.

I have put together my top four 'must have' items when you work out; so you look chic while sweating your heart out.

The perfect workout T-shirt. Loose
but fitted at the same time. I always
tend to choose bright colours to help
brighten up my mood when working

Grey slim fit pants. Amazing
when working out. Comfortable,
fitted and very sexy, for a cute little
workout in a total fashionable style. 
To workout properly, you will not
be going around with Converse shoes
or others along that line. You have to choose
proper working out trainers. These have a
spring on the heel of the shoe that helps
you in your daily exercises and eases
your legs while working out.
A gym bag is an essential piece when
working out. You store all your beauty
products and changing clothes. And...
it has to be a trendy one too. When
you have the right equipment, you
will automatically feel better already.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

DIY: fashion mag wall art

If you are a fan of the fashion world, then why not pursue your interest? What do you do with all those fashion magazines after you've read them? Don't throw them away, recycle them and use the most appealing and colourful pages for wall art!

What you need:
- stapler
- fashion magazines
- string

Gather fashion magazine
pages (possibly very colourful).

Fold the pages a few times; the paper should
achieve a way shape. 

STEP 3: 
Once the pages have been folded
in half in the shape of a fan, staple
the two ends.

Pick two 'fans' that follow a
similar colour pattern and
staple the ends together to obtain
a bigger fan.

You may decide to keep the 'fans' in
a semi-circular shape, or, you can pick
another semi-circular fan and staple them
together in order to obtain a full circle
of fashion magazines.

You can use a piece of string if you wish to
hand your new wall decoration. Alternatively
you can just use blu-tack.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Just another casual day

There is nothing better than to
ultimately finish your look
with a DIY denim jacket for
a casual and unique final touch.

A white tank top is literally
the best life saver. When having
outfit problems regarding
which top best fits that pair
of shorts/jeans/skirt, the answer
is always: be simple, choose white. 
A black pair of trousers
are the 'must have' for
your wardrobe. Perfect
for every occasion, especially
when in fashion crisis.
Very casual, elegant and chic
with that lateral silver zip.

To achieve this high-street look:

  • Washed denim jacket (made by me)
  • White tank top (RIVER ISLAND)
  • Black trousers with mini skirt  incorporated (ZARA)
  • Brown handbag (MICHAEL KORS)
  • Brown leather boots (MARILENA)
You can accessorise this look up and down. It is due to its simplicity that this outfit works during the day and for a night out.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Top 5 items from

I present to you my new discovery. 

This super cute vintage shop I found on the Internet while stumbling through various - not very well known - online shops. 

As soon as I came across this online shop, I HAD to post my favourite pieces, although I must admit, it was quite challenging to pick just five. 

Here they are:

A lovely pastel pink dress that quite reminds me of
those amazingly cute doll outfits. This dress is made up
of a sleeveless shirt and a sheer skirt.

Dress-up with:
- black heeled sandals
- shiny clutch bag
- short black leather jacket

Dress-down with:
- flats (ballerinas, ankle-strapped sandals)
- small shoulder bag
- sunglasses
Grey suede ankle boots for this Fall 2013.
Solid and comfortable wooden heel; just enough to
make your legs leaner and longer.

Dress-up with:
- skinny jeans
- white/beige v-neck top
- black blazer

Dress-down with:
- denim shorts
- white t-shirt
- sunglasses

Very unique colour for these long trousers.
A vintage touch is given through the high-waist and that
super cute ribbon.

Dress-up with:
- white/black heels, 
- clutch bag,
- lace top

Dress-down with:
- flats
- large handbag
- printed tank top

Warm colours for this Fall 2013. Beige 
cotton mixed with dark brown leather straps
is the ideal representation of chic, casual 
and stylish. It also includes additional
shoulder straps for a more comfortable wear.

Dress-up with:
- heeled boots
- knee-length dress

Dress-down with:
- brown leather jacket
- straight-legged jeans
- t-shirt

Lovely and extremely comfortable. A
beige knitwear with black patterns on the bottom
half of this jumper. Ideally casual.

Dress-up with:
- black heels, 
- black handbag
- black leather jeans (skinny)

Dress-down with:
- black leggings
- boots

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Trend:


Neon is back, and ready to rock n' roll your outfits. 

Headed for a girls night out? Clubbing? Cocktail or for a casual evening?

Here is my outfit proposal. A lovely colorful dress containing bright yellow and a monochromatic mix for the perfect combination of elegant and casual.

Pair it with a short black leather jacket, high stilettos (possibly matching one of the dress's colours) and a black handbag.


- Keep all accessories toned down (pick a neutral colour and stick to it)

- Don't put too much jewellery on as the dress is the one item that needs to shine on you, not the rest.

Ready for a city life

Saturday, 21 September 2013

F/W 'must have' items

Are you ready for this F/W?

Unfortunately the warm sun is leaving us, and most of us will be going through cold winter days full of clouds, rain and snow.

But lets not get our morale down because fashion is always by our side. Here are the latest trends for a warm and cosy winter.

Furry neck jacket: 
Warm and fashionable in preparation for the cold weather. 
Perfect for this Fall.

Suggested colours: black, grey, brown, camel beige
Hand-made knitwear:
Back to basics with these warm and extremely cosy items.

Suggested  colours: blue, white, grey, brown/beige
Chelsea boots:
Very comfortable; can be worn with casual, smart and workwear.

Suggested colours: black, brown
Suggested fabric: leather

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Maxi Dress No Stress

Summer is officially over, people are heading back to the cities and everyone is acknowledging the fact that another 250 days, at least, have to pass before heading back to those warm beaches and holiday destinations.

In the meantime, I'd like to share my favourite Summer 2013 garment. Easy to wear, patterned fabric, fresh and stress free: the perfect outfit.


Wear it with sandals, flats or open-toe wedges.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

'Tis the season of


Go go go!

Stripes are coming back and we wear them with everything. Pick your item and show it off.

Whether you are more of a pants, skirt or top kind of person, stripes are continuous trend.

Just take your pick.

You can follow Miley Cyrus's impeccable style 
with a striped dress and shoulder gaps...
Or pick something completely different and 
dress like Taylor Swift; just adding a little 
more colour.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Easy Workwear

Autumn 2013 mix n' match

This is my latest catch in the Banana Republic store. It successfully mixes casual, chic and work wear. Very comfortable and fashionable at the same time. To achieve this look you need the following items:

  •  Skinny washed jeans
  •  Yellow pastel long sleeved shirt
  •  Bordeaux blazer
  •  Brown ankle boots

Sometimes, the most fashionable outfits are made with the most basic items in your wardrobe.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Vogue Fashion Night Out


for your entertainment

Get ready for a night full of:

VIP's           music                  food
                        after parties        models

        exclusive items            runways     



What more could you want?!

If you happen to hit these cities or find yourself in one...

Milan: 17 September

Florence: 12 September

London: 19 - 22 September

Paris: 17 September

Tokyo: 7 September

Osaka: 14 September

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ready for Fall

Fall/Winter 2013

Here we go again, Fall 2013 is about to knock at your door, and are you ready for it? Already prepared those brilliant outfits? 

Below are displayed the colours that will guide you to perfect outfits through Fall 2013.

Here is just a taster of the Fall 2013 trends:

Knitwear pieces will be selling out this A/W 2013. They are back on track. The more hand-made is looks, the better (and warmer) it is! The patterns will vary and so will the colours, but we have to give credit to our grandparents, they sure knew what fashion was all about.

Jeans never fade, so get organised and be prepared to match them with pretty much everything in your closet.

Suede jackets have climbed into retail stores very quickly this year. They are comfortable, relatively warm (depending on the fabric inside the jacket) and go with everything. Wanna go casual or chic, suede jackets are the solution.

Studded handbags from the newest Valentino collection have conquered the runways. Yes studs are back so get ready to rock n' roll with style.

What drives you crazy