Friday, 31 May 2013

Celebrity Style



I find it very fascinating how P!nk manages to change her appearance so quickly. What does the trick is not only the way she dresses, her hairstyle of the songs she sings, but her make-up plays a vital role in her life. I admire this woman for her wonderful personality and her determination in maintaing her career going and not disappearing - like many singers eventually - and every time a song of hers come out, the lyrics, the tune and her voice is simply amazing!

The Lovely Woman


The Rocker

The Rocker


If you want to look like a rocket but with a sexy edge, then this could be an approachable look:


For a brighter and more feminine touch, here is the alternative:

Pretty Dots

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Brand Highlight

Juicy Couture

It is time for Juicy Couture to shine in today's post. Fashion is all about new trends and adapting to them and their public, so I chose to pick this brand - that in my opinion - perfectly represents a young and fizzy generation.

Moonlight Stripe Silk Blouse

When I think about summer time, I usually think about the simplest of all looks: short and shirt. Juicy Couture though of it too, presenting as one of the 'just in' items, beautifully fresh and bright summer shirts.

These silk blouses come four different colours: in blue, yellow, pink and black. A button-down design that can be perfectly paired up with white jeans or shorts.

Dress Couture

Lovely long dresses are also sprinting in store's windows, showing off either solid colors or flower prints. Juicy Couture's collection also underlines long summer dresses by proposing both options. All these dresses can be accessorised with big cuff bracelets re-calling tribal patterns and bright colors.

From the left: Jubilee embroidered dress ($178), floral dress ($178), and bright maxi dress ($128 ~ available in tangerine, regal and passion pink).

The Bright Leather Wallet Collection

Pebbled leather for these colorful rectangular wallets. Super bright and trendy colors for this summer's collection. The price for these wallets is $98. With magnetic flap closure, exterior and interior zip pocket, it can contain whatever you desire. These colorful wallets come in bright blue, orange, pink and white.


One for every fit: find yours.

Black Nylon Backpack - $198

This very stylish backpack is the ultimate item that combines casual style and elegance. It's adjustable and padded straps will make this bag a comfortable fit even when it all full up. The backpack is also available in red and bright pink. It has a mgnetic closure that features a golden 'Juicy Couture' signature. It included internal and external zips as well as a cell phone pocket.

Zip Top Tote - $228

This bag can be transformed from a shoulder to a messenger bag with just a strap. This bag includes a double zip closure at the top and internal zip pocket, so your items are safe and secure. There is also a removable leather chain strap, so it is totally up to you in terms of how this bag will look when you decide to wear it. This handbag is also available in 'rich camel'.

Quilted Nylon Tote - $178

A very bright bag for the summer. Another quilted product for Juicy Couture, that combines its easily recognisable golden crown lining at the bottom of this bag. The golden chain that mixes with this bright orange is very eye catching and fashionable. It is just a perfect beach bag with it magnetic closure and two internal compartments, and lets not forget those useful internal zip pockets.

Nylon DayDreamer - $198

The DayDreamer bag is the most famous Juicy Couture bag ever! It's incredible fame is probably due to the fact that is a comfortable fit, its small but big enough to fit everything in. This bag mixes white and pink,and can be worn every day during the summer time. Whether you are going out for dinner or for a walk on the beach or in shops, this bag will make your dreams come true. This handbag fits every outfit you are going to take away with you, so don't bother taking too many bags with you, this is just what does the trick. Moreover, it includes cell phone compartment and external zip pockets, so everything becomes more reachable. This is bag is design for your comfortability and it will definitely ease you life.

For further information, visit Juicy Couture's official website HERE

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Color Explosion

Wear whatever you like, as long as its bright.

My motto for this year's summer trends is

"wear whatever you like as long as its bright"

You are young, so just have fun!! Don't let yourself dominate from dark colours even during the summer, but at the same time don't always wear WHITE. Also according to the London Fashion Week, the newest trends reference WhoWhatWear, Victoria Secret and Burberry's new approach to fashion by introducing the brightest and lightest colors for this year's summer.

Down here are some of the new colors that fashion designers
like Burberry have highlighted in the 2013 Summer/Spring catwalks.

Be sure to check them out and notice them next time you go shopping.
Don't be scared to mix and match bright colours! If you are uncertain,
you can always count on our dear old white!

Summer/Spring 2013 fashion trends
Crazy Colors

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Know How

to combine colors with








This outfit shows a pair of skinny moss jeans as the main idea. Next to it are some colour combinations that might help you decide what to pair up with this color. These colors are just an indication, so you can then decide whether to follow this color scheme or not. Starting from the top left, there is:

~ Mulberry

~ Buttercup yellow

~ Tangerine

~ Cucumber

Know-how: MOSS

MERCI boat neck t shirt
€44 -

Velvet v neck tee
€48 -

Comptoir Des Cotonniers ribbed tee
€47 -

Alexander Wang real leather boots
€780 -

Proenza Schouler zipper bag
€1.310 -


This outfit shows a pair of skinny camel jeans as the main idea. Starting from the top left, there is:

~ Cinnabar orange

~ Cucumber

~ Grass green

~ Maize yellow

Know-How: CAMEL

Vero Moda sleeveless shirt
€25 -

Joseph sleeveless top
€225 -

Oasis sleeveless blouse
€21 -

Full Tilt sleeveless blouse
€12 -

Alexander Wang pointed toe boots
€780 -

The cambridge satchel company
€135 -


This outfit shows a pair of skinny gray jeans as the main idea. I like to pair these jeans with printed t-shirts, to make this outfit look more casual and comfortable. Starting from the top left, there is:

~ Light turquoise with white print

~ Bordeaux printed white

~ White with multi-color print

~ Dirty pink with black print

Know-How: GRAY

A Wear mustache t shirt
€20 -

Wildfox couture
€82 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs skinny fit jeans
€175 -

Alexander Wang real leather boots
€780 -

Vegan backpack
€58 -

Sunday, 26 May 2013

EDM Fashion Presents...

The Black & White Project

A Casual Monochromatic Outfit

The outfit

b&w project 1b&w project 1

To summarise the basic pieces that make up this outfit are: dark grey leggings, long light grey top, black boots.

Everyone has those days - once in a while - where they cannot be too bothered about picking the right shirt for the right top, so this outfit does not take up too much effort. Plus, it is very comfortable and it looks good too. I guess the secret to every outfit is how you accessorise it - as that definitely changes your whole appearance - like those day-to-night looks.

b&w project 1

This is also a very handy look when you don't want to wear tight clothes (i.e jeans or shaping leggings).

Furthermore, this look allows you to feel free to make which ever body movement due to the elasticity of the materials. It makes you look lean and thin without forcing your belly to be 'sucked in' your pants.

The Top

b&w project 1

The grey top may appear to be simple and plain at first, but we all know the details are what count in life. And so in fashion. So the details present on this - what seems to be - a simple shirt, are in fact placed on the shoulder: little flat studs.

b&w project 1

As the shirt is quite plain, you might decided to accessories and lighten up the mood a bit with a colourful long necklace/s or just a black and silver one (like the one I have). You also might want to wear long earrings, a couple of your favourite bracelets and a watch to feel more 'dressed', but the choice is yours.

b&w project 1

The Shoes

b&w project 1

For the shoes in this outfit, you may decide to wear black ankle boots to complete both with the monochromatic effect look and with a casual but trendy touch. The shoes I chose to display are black and half laced up. I would also love to pair this outfit with some wedge sneakers, simple flat converse shoes or even black ballerinas. I think this combination is so simple that any type of shoe you fancy would fit perfectly with it. A long shoulder bag or shopper bag would complete the look.

b&w project 1