Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Color Explosion

Wear whatever you like, as long as its bright.

My motto for this year's summer trends is

"wear whatever you like as long as its bright"

You are young, so just have fun!! Don't let yourself dominate from dark colours even during the summer, but at the same time don't always wear WHITE. Also according to the London Fashion Week, the newest trends reference WhoWhatWear, Victoria Secret and Burberry's new approach to fashion by introducing the brightest and lightest colors for this year's summer.

Down here are some of the new colors that fashion designers
like Burberry have highlighted in the 2013 Summer/Spring catwalks.

Be sure to check them out and notice them next time you go shopping.
Don't be scared to mix and match bright colours! If you are uncertain,
you can always count on our dear old white!

Summer/Spring 2013 fashion trends
Crazy Colors

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