Sunday, 26 May 2013

EDM Fashion Presents...

The Black & White Project

A Casual Monochromatic Outfit

The outfit

b&w project 1b&w project 1

To summarise the basic pieces that make up this outfit are: dark grey leggings, long light grey top, black boots.

Everyone has those days - once in a while - where they cannot be too bothered about picking the right shirt for the right top, so this outfit does not take up too much effort. Plus, it is very comfortable and it looks good too. I guess the secret to every outfit is how you accessorise it - as that definitely changes your whole appearance - like those day-to-night looks.

b&w project 1

This is also a very handy look when you don't want to wear tight clothes (i.e jeans or shaping leggings).

Furthermore, this look allows you to feel free to make which ever body movement due to the elasticity of the materials. It makes you look lean and thin without forcing your belly to be 'sucked in' your pants.

The Top

b&w project 1

The grey top may appear to be simple and plain at first, but we all know the details are what count in life. And so in fashion. So the details present on this - what seems to be - a simple shirt, are in fact placed on the shoulder: little flat studs.

b&w project 1

As the shirt is quite plain, you might decided to accessories and lighten up the mood a bit with a colourful long necklace/s or just a black and silver one (like the one I have). You also might want to wear long earrings, a couple of your favourite bracelets and a watch to feel more 'dressed', but the choice is yours.

b&w project 1

The Shoes

b&w project 1

For the shoes in this outfit, you may decide to wear black ankle boots to complete both with the monochromatic effect look and with a casual but trendy touch. The shoes I chose to display are black and half laced up. I would also love to pair this outfit with some wedge sneakers, simple flat converse shoes or even black ballerinas. I think this combination is so simple that any type of shoe you fancy would fit perfectly with it. A long shoulder bag or shopper bag would complete the look.

b&w project 1

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