Tuesday, 21 May 2013

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Wear Combat Boots

Combat Boots

My interpretation

So here is what I figured out... There are many different styles and types of combat boots, and luckily for all of us they adapt to each of our different personalities. If one day we want to appear hard-core and determined, I would dive into Dr Martens without thinking twice. If I want to stay more subtle and cute, I might opt for flower print or light leathered ones.

Combat Boots Combat Boots Combat Boots

I have put my creativity to work and came up with two outfits that involve combat boots but approach them in the two ways I talked about above.

Bourdeaux Leather Combats

How to Style Combat Boots

This set shows the more determined approach look with combat boots. As I said before, Dr Martens are involved here. I pared them up with high-waist shorts (River Island) and a grey t-shirt (Haute Hippie Hungry). The image printed on the shirt is in this case the detail that has to stand out form the entire look as everything else is plain. A black shoulder bag (Marc Jacobs) would fit perfectly with this outfit as it matches the black heel of the boots and the details of the printed wolf.

Brown Leather Combats


This second set shows a cute approach to combat boots. Shorts are always part of the outfit as summer is on its way, and lets say it, the weather is getting warmer. The washed denim shorts have been paired up with a white lace cropped top (Forever 21). The light brown leather combats (Charlotte Russe) are higher than the ones previously shown, but fit perfectly both the outfit combination and 'I feel cute today' concept. On the side we have a checkered shirt (Topshop) - big trend this past year - that can be worn in three different ways:

1. All open;

2. Half buttoned up;

3. Tied up with a knot;

Combat Boots
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