Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Retro Chic Days

Retro Vintage is back!

Every now and then vintage styles come back. Famous fashion designers get new inspirational looks into our stores, and us shoppers, styles ourselves with the latest vintage clothing.

Vintage clothing is usually referred to as a garment, piece of clothing, which belongs to a previous era. My personal favourite fashion designers for epic vintage looks are:
1. Chanel
2. Yves Saint Laurent
3. Dior
Combat Boots

Coco Chanel

This is how I re-created my vintage look...

The top I chose for this vintage look is a long-sleeved cream top. The fit of the top is very comfortable but fitted at the same time, in order to highlight the female curves with moderation. The print is lace, which adds the 'retro look' we are looking for in this garment. The sleeves are see-through that adds that sense of class and elegance portrayed by woman at the time.

One of the most interesting and fascinating aspects of vintage clothing is the amount of "I see and I don't see' skin parts in most outfits.
Personally this top reminds be of Audrey Hepburn. Might be because of the colour combination, but it might also be due to its unique style.

My Vintage Look

I would pair this top with a long black slit skirt (as shown on the left). This way, you can show off your beautiful legs and keep your body 'covered' at the same time. I really like this outfit because both top and bottom can be worn during the 'summer period' and in the colder weather, with the help of long stocking of course.

And at this point lets not forget our accessories: shoes and bag.

As the skirt is already quite long, the last thing you want to do is trip while making your way through the door - that would be embarrassing - so, to prevent this from happening, here are the shoes that will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd.

The unique style of these Jeffrey Campbell heels (my current favourites) are part of the final touch to this retro chic outfit. The lace that appears on the shoes recalls the one found on the lace top.

Combat Boots The least of your worries goes to accessorising yourself with rings, as Alexander McQueen's clutch is our solution. No need to wear rings as they will wear you with this wonderful and sophisticated bag. Have fun with it and never let it slip from your fingers! Combat Boots
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