Friday, 24 May 2013

Today's style is...

Flannel Shirts

Plaid shirts

I am pretty sure this trend started of with our fellow boys. We always used to see shirts on men, then women started wearing them too. Soon enough, us women started copying our friends boys outfits and stylish ways of dressing up. It has to be said... some boys actually have style, so why not copy it?!

The Olsen Look

mary-kate olsens

Here is Mary-Kate showing off her flannel shirt look. Her incredible style is portrayed by the fact that she absolutely owns the oversized shirt look too! She paired the flannel shirt with a pair of skinny dark blue jeans. I like this look because she wears it different from everyone else. The shirt is neither tucked in the jeans, nor flapping around. She assembled each piece like a messy but trendy puzzle that makes her outfit stunning. Obviously, as style is on her side, she decided to over accessorise her look with cuff bracelets and a couple of long necklaces (pendants) to complete this street style.

But Mary-Kate decides to show us her flannel shirt combination also with leggings, a furry bag, white sunglasses and a thick warm scarf. Nice one MK!

From my wardrobe

I looked at what I had in my closet and found this:

flannel shirt The colours I decided to co-ordinate are blue, red and yellow. The shirt I chose is the 'very summer and fresh' version of the typical flannel shirt you usually find in stores. I paired this summer looking top with bright red skinny jeans. As the shirt is see-through, you may decided to open the buttons up a little and show a red or blue top. Or, you may decided to put on a nice bra and show that off instead. I would also find this very pretty in a beach scenario: cute red/yellow/blue bikini, open shirt on top and some flats. flannel shirt 2

Outfit Ideas

Flannel Shirts

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