Sunday, 30 June 2013

High Fashion on the street

pink Red Valentino wondering around Milan

I am not usually a fan of the colour pink, but this skirt is the excpetion. There is always one!

A high-waist skirt, tight just below the waist to highlight the body shape. This is perfect for those of you who have a 'pear-shaped' body, as the crop top will distract the wider hips. 

A white crop top is always a perfect choice when a hot summer day is up and running. As it fits every other colour, this hue will make you feel fresh and most importantly bright and young.

      OMG shoes

Gladiator sandals have been a long running trend this year (and the past as well), famous brands have adapted this sandals also to their winter collections, by adding all types of fur and leather. 

But, since this is summer time, I am going to talk about the normal gladiator sandals... just like these on the left.

Black sandals (Twin Set) with shiny stones and patterns in the middle. 

A comfortable footwear for a summer day. You can wear these with all types of clothing, from jeans to shorts and from skirts to dresses (maxi or not).  


Just a cute little silver Bambi necklace to accessorise this look. With its simplicity, you do not want to over highlight the outfit, just keep it sober and simple and you will rock it!


It is the first time I tried this, and I am surprised and happy of the outcome.

This side-to-side braid is perfect and chic, keeps most of the hair out the way.

This hairstyle is perfect for short - bob-like hair - and long hair. I highly suggest you try it because it is a pretty alternative to the classic braid looks and summer ponytails. Any 'rebellious' hair can be kept under control with a hair pin.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

2013 Summer Sales

...just because we ALL love to shop

Summer 2013 sales are on their way. July is going to be real busy, so better prepare before hand.

Milan is getting ready for the next few months of sales and already I am seeing people (tourists included) buying just weeks before the sales... waste of money? 

Well... usually 'sales' means that people run around the city, desperately looking for their perfect fit of jeans for the next season, tops and skirts and shoes. 

Dolce & Gabbana (Via della Spiga - Milan)

Everyone will be rushing in stores on the OFFICIAL SALES DAY also looking for their size. What usually happens is that even on the very first day, all 'normal' sizes seem to have magically disappeared, as if the whole city fits in a universal size, which, most of the time, happens to be the same as mine.

But this year is going to be different. Here is a quick suggestion:

Find out when your Summer 2013 Sales begin. As soon as you know for sure, make a list of the items or shops you want to visit and go and check everything out starting a week before. 

You should try everything you want to buy, or planning to buy, on before hand so that when the sales day come, you will be one step ahead!


Friday, 28 June 2013

Blue Days In Cannes

Wonderful summer days on the French coast

Departure: Milan - Italy

Arrival: Cannes - France

No need to stay in the same place all summer long...sometimes even a weekend is enough to feel alive again.

Because everyone needs a walk on the beach to get distracted ever once in a while.

I chose ripped blue jeans (Dsquared)with a sky blue top. The good weather might fool some, but it was still a bit chilly out on the beach. 

Comfortable, casual and perfect for a chilly, but sunny, day at the beach.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stumbling Around Milan... my bright blue jeans.

I felt like a wonder around today so I hopped into my car and went to have a walk around my city: Milan. What I saw was mainly business men dragging themselves to bars and restaurants for their lunch breaks. But what I also saw was many many shop windows preparing for the Spring/Summer sales!!

I honestly cannot hold myself more than I am right now; I am very excited about sales and it is going to be a busy week when they start! Gotta prepare myself before hand I'm guessing.


By the way, this is the outfit I showed off in Milan today:

A chic and simple combination of light blue and beige. I wanted to focus mainly of the jeans, so I chose to highlight them by wearing neutral nude colours on top. 

A summer tank top (Pull & Bear) with a lace back matching my long open cardigan (Zara). Nothing feel more comfortable on a cloudy day. 

To be honest, I stole the belt from another cardigan I had; it just looked very pretty with this one as well. Plus, since both the cardigan and top and loose, I thought of tying everything at the waist to give my body a little more shape.

AND... just because the day is cloudy, it doesn't mean the colours I am wearing have to be in sympathetic union with the weather.


I posted about them before but I am utterly in love with them! My lovely mocassins are - for a second time - the protagonists of my outfit. 

Lovely and comfortable boat shoes that go with every look. Furthermore, the brown leather strings match the belt and the colours of the bracelets... I  really thought of everything!


This look's main accessories are found on my wrists. I have a couple of very thing and golden cuff bracelets; some are with pearls and some just metal.

 I like to wear these kind of bracelets but not too many of them because it looks too messy for me.

I usually go for a more sober look that includes a small amount of everything. On my other wrist I have adapted a watch bracelet - taken away the watch part - and paired it with a golden metal "belt" like bracelet (H&M).

 A vintage necklace (Accessorize) would be ideal to complete this look. The colours used are all classified as 'pastel colours', meaning very light and not pungent hues.

The earrings I chose are pendant chain earrings, white and yellow gold. The little pendants are basic shapes like stars, teddy bears and dolphins - reminds me of my childhood.


The hairstyle depicted in the image is a typical and simple bun. It is held together by a long hair fork - as I have a lot of hair, it had to be long to keep it all up and in one place. This is a very comfortable solution for when you go to the beach, especially if, like me, you happen to have long hair.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Checkered Pants

What's up with CHECK PRINT? 

This print has been trending for some time now. I see all major designers - D&G, Armani, Dior, Chanel, Burberry and more - have used this in their collection either this years or the past few years. There must be a reason for it.

These pants can be worn with a black blazer and white tee for a 'work wear' option, or with a simple black tank top and cardigan. It really depends which look you want to go for.

I chose the second option: top and cardigan. Kinda went for an 'all black' look... as black always solves the matching problem.

Here is how the outfit look from the...                                                                          ...and the ...

                FRONT                                           BACK
Rocking with black wedge sneakers that matches the long cardigan.


I think this is one of those outfits that shouts "I am just all about accessorising aren't I?". And the answer to this is obviously a big fat YES. 

A long - possibly shiny - necklace would be perfect. Something that really stand out from all this blackness; just that small splash of colour that changes the whole image.

As for the wrists you can decide to wear dangles and bangles, cuff bracelets, watches or other jewellery that best suits you and the outfit you are wearing. I went for a simple white watch just to add some 'light' to what I am wearing.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013



1. Get your t-shit, tank top - or whatever you want to crop.

2. Place it on a hanger and at a height that is just above your eye level.

3. With a fabric-specific scissor cut (both sides together)from the bottom of the shirt up to the 'center' of the shirt (how cropped the top is, is totally up to you, so you can try it on at this point and decide how 'long' or 'short' your top is going to be).

4. Once your top has been cut, get the first two lines of fabric (just one side of the shirt or you won't be able to wear it!) and make a knot. Repeat with all the pieces you cut.

5. Once the first line of knots is complete, go onto the second one, making sure the knots are crossed (e.g right line of knot 1 goes with left line or knot 2).

6. Once the first side is complete, pass onto the back of the shirt and repeat previous point (5).

7. When all you shirt is tied up in small crossed knots (look at picture if confused), then cut off the loose bits.

8. Wear it and show it off.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Road Trip

Denim Skirt

Today I went on a road trip with my parents and decided to wear one of my favourite pieces in the whole fashion industry: the denim skirt
But this skirt is not the ones I usually find around Milan - I am talking about the tight and short denim skirts that are way above the knee - so I decided to go for a fresh look and wear it.

The reason why I love this particular skirt is because it is made of cotton, but it has the denim print on it... PERFECTION!

I paired this item with a dark grey t-shirt with a skull on it - just because I love those as well - and a pair of black sandals. They literally go with everything I own and are so comfortable I never want to take them off my feet!


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day Dress

Zara Fashion Store

I happened to walk past Zara the other day and thought about popping in for a quick overview of some new items...and found a gorgeous day dress. 

This dress can be tied at the waist, highlighting your figure. Also I quite believe this is the right dress for you if you are a tall girl... You could really show off those l~~o~~n~~g legs of yours! •_• 

The dress is brown, resembling the color of rust. So whether you are tanned, just getting there, or pale, this piece will suite you fine. Lovely pockets and buttons make this dress a perfect piece for your summer look - something I am definitelu taking with me this summer! 
You can accessorise this dress with a tribal necklace or a colourful pendant - as the dress is not one of the brightest colours you may decided to throw in some hues -.

A cute and small shoulder bag usually does the trick with these dresses. To wonder around you might not need a big shopper bag, so you can choose to wear a small one instead. I chose black as it fits every colour and it solves all my problems. >.<
I paired the dress with these beautiful black sandals. The shiny stones really make this outfit stand out. it is a perfect set for the 'cocktails to dinner' transition.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Pastel Combo

Combining pastel colours in one outfit...

Lovely pastel colours during the summer are an excellent choice to keep your wardrobe up-to-date and fresh looking. Even if another trend suggests that bright colours are this summer's main trend, we should not forget the lighter version of these colours. 

The reason why I love pastel-coloured outfits is because they mainly highlight the skin colours. Not only these colours give you a softer appearance, but they also 'relax' the eye. Plus, you will not be looking like a 'walking rainbow'. >.< 

The outfit I chose to share today is a cream cardigan styled with a 'piggy' pink blouse and paired with light blue jeans. Three different colours that definitely work great together. As for the shoes, I opted for black sneaker wedges - that go well with everything - but you can also decide to go for flat sandals (white, cream, pink, black... the colours is really up to you).


The pink blouse is like the 'centre-piece' of the whole outfit. Everything pretty much revolves around it. The fabric is cotton but it looks like lace when paying special attention to it. This reminds me of old-fashioned porcelain dolls... all dress up with lace dresses and blouses. The blouse also fastens with a button at the back, leaving a 'drop' of nude skin on your back... sexy chic!

Anyways... apart from the neck line, the blouse is quite plain. For this reason, a long golden necklace forms the perfect combination for this outfit. I would suggest any long necklace, preferably golden.


The cardigan also pays attention to the details. It ties with a knot on your waist line and it falls gently down the sides. The ripple effect created with the over-lapping fabric is why I love this garment so much!

                    LOVING THE ACCESSORIES

For this outfit I liked to play around with colours (as you can obviously see), and my favourite part is accessorising and pumping everything up. A cute dangling earring with a pink ribbon reminding me of my trip to PARIS, together with a hair clip starring Minni Mouse just make my day better.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

How would you style...

...Maxi Skirts!

Maxi skirts are conquering the world of fashion and lately, while walking around the streets of Milan, I can't help but notice huge amounts of 'maxi skirts' in shop's windows!

Every colours, every type of fabric, and especially, accessorised and paired differently every single time. Impressive!

You can go TOTAL BLUE or ABSOLUTE PEACH look, created on Polyvore.

Travelling the world

Feel like wearing blue? Here is the maxi skirt outfit that follows that particular clour scheme:

Maxi skirt: Malene Birger
Wedges:Madison Harding
Handbag:Reed Krakoff
Sunglasses: Wildfox

Soothing Essence

If this summer you are aiming to look fresh and relaxed, this outfit will do 50% of the job already.

∞ the nude-coloured top (BASE range) is a perfect choice for every outfit you might have in mind. It can be considered the "new black" AND the "new white" because it literally look great with every other colour!

∞ a peach maxi skirt (Farfetch): what a wonderful colour to go out for the day, escape the city for a weekend or walk around the city for a wonder around... everything fits its purpose.

∞ golden sandals (Gucci)can be worn with every colour combination, so why not apply them to this outfit as well?! Simple and openly fresh sandals for all your summer outfits... plus, if you don't have enough space in you holiday bags... choose these and you will wear them everywhere and with everything.

∞ a beautiful peach messenger bag (Proenza Schouler)to fit all your belongings and your 'I definitely need this' kind of stuff.

∞ you cannot forget your sunglasses (Ray-Ban) with this hot summer weather. The are a must, and this basic style completes the outfit and are just what your eyes need to protect themselves from the sunlight.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Item of the week


Lovely option for this summer 2013 look. Mocassins are a great substitution to sneakers, sandals, wedges and what not. They come in so many different colours your only job is choose which one you like best. 


Minnetonka Shoes, Boat Mocassin Flats
Minnetoka Thunderbird
I also am in love with these shoes because they are very comfortable - my feet are quite difficult when it comes to shoes - and they are, objectively speaking, good-looking shoes. They started out as boat shoes but they soon expanded and I can see everyone wearing these every day, during their busy schedules and routines... 

These shoes are conquering our summer and they are a YAY!


Massimo Dutti

The other day I bought a pair... and I am completely in love with them! They are navy with a brown ribbon in the front and framing the shoe's sides. They are the most amazing shoes I own and I literally wear them with everything and I want to wear them every single day... and  it may look like I own just THAT pair of shoes. •_•