Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day Dress

Zara Fashion Store

I happened to walk past Zara the other day and thought about popping in for a quick overview of some new items...and found a gorgeous day dress. 

This dress can be tied at the waist, highlighting your figure. Also I quite believe this is the right dress for you if you are a tall girl... You could really show off those l~~o~~n~~g legs of yours! •_• 

The dress is brown, resembling the color of rust. So whether you are tanned, just getting there, or pale, this piece will suite you fine. Lovely pockets and buttons make this dress a perfect piece for your summer look - something I am definitelu taking with me this summer! 
You can accessorise this dress with a tribal necklace or a colourful pendant - as the dress is not one of the brightest colours you may decided to throw in some hues -.

A cute and small shoulder bag usually does the trick with these dresses. To wonder around you might not need a big shopper bag, so you can choose to wear a small one instead. I chose black as it fits every colour and it solves all my problems. >.<
I paired the dress with these beautiful black sandals. The shiny stones really make this outfit stand out. it is a perfect set for the 'cocktails to dinner' transition.
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