Tuesday, 25 June 2013



1. Get your t-shit, tank top - or whatever you want to crop.

2. Place it on a hanger and at a height that is just above your eye level.

3. With a fabric-specific scissor cut (both sides together)from the bottom of the shirt up to the 'center' of the shirt (how cropped the top is, is totally up to you, so you can try it on at this point and decide how 'long' or 'short' your top is going to be).

4. Once your top has been cut, get the first two lines of fabric (just one side of the shirt or you won't be able to wear it!) and make a knot. Repeat with all the pieces you cut.

5. Once the first line of knots is complete, go onto the second one, making sure the knots are crossed (e.g right line of knot 1 goes with left line or knot 2).

6. Once the first side is complete, pass onto the back of the shirt and repeat previous point (5).

7. When all you shirt is tied up in small crossed knots (look at picture if confused), then cut off the loose bits.

8. Wear it and show it off.

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