Monday, 3 June 2013

Hair Trends

Hairstyles go crazy trendy

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Get Ready For The Summer Look!

A sophisticated hairstyle for a sophisticated bright woman.

If you decided to go blonde or you are naturally blonde, here are the artistic options for your hair color.

The Olsen Twins and Hayden Panettiere

Blonde celebrities that I decided to portray as examples are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Hayden Panettiere. Both incredibly blonde and talented women.
What I like most about their hairstyles is that they manage to keep their hair at a reasonable length - not too long or short - and they are always on top of the wave of fashion trends. They might change slight details about their hairstyle but whatever look they try.

And here are some changes that might work on you.

It is because of you fair skin that blonde girls can change their hair colour to crazy fun colors like light purple/lilac and pink. These bright and fancy shades might highlight your facial features and eye colour, but I suggest that before you try something permanent or drastic change, you experiment a little with water-based coloring shampoos.


Mila Kunis and Nina Dobrev

Two beautiful women and famous actresses. Their hair colour is absolutely gorgeous, but lets talk about you. How can you highlight your skin, your face and your beauty through your hair color? Here are the colors that might fit your beautiful face:

Here are some fun colours that instead will suite brunettes.

Just to make things clear, also brunettes can try pink and lilac shades, but because brunettes tend to have darker skin, these are the colors that would fit you best. You can also decide to go for the greens, as they tend to pair up perfectly with brunettes and dark hair in general.

Nicole Kidman and Isla Fisher

Nicole and Isla are other two fabulous and wonderful actresses that need to be underlined for their incredible good looks. Their peculiarity lies in the hair, even though in some cases it may not appear the natural hair color, you can always experiment and have fun with it as much as you like.

Here are your colors:

Last but not least, women with red hair may go wherever they like, but I mostly suggest to go for blondes, browns or blacks. This is because the fair skin also highlights every feature of the face, especially the eyes. Therefore, you can go crazy with the colours you like best. I find that the best look are always the ones that look more natural, so because our hair is already very unique, subtle highlights are just the ideal solution.

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