Sunday, 30 June 2013

High Fashion on the street

pink Red Valentino wondering around Milan

I am not usually a fan of the colour pink, but this skirt is the excpetion. There is always one!

A high-waist skirt, tight just below the waist to highlight the body shape. This is perfect for those of you who have a 'pear-shaped' body, as the crop top will distract the wider hips. 

A white crop top is always a perfect choice when a hot summer day is up and running. As it fits every other colour, this hue will make you feel fresh and most importantly bright and young.

      OMG shoes

Gladiator sandals have been a long running trend this year (and the past as well), famous brands have adapted this sandals also to their winter collections, by adding all types of fur and leather. 

But, since this is summer time, I am going to talk about the normal gladiator sandals... just like these on the left.

Black sandals (Twin Set) with shiny stones and patterns in the middle. 

A comfortable footwear for a summer day. You can wear these with all types of clothing, from jeans to shorts and from skirts to dresses (maxi or not).  


Just a cute little silver Bambi necklace to accessorise this look. With its simplicity, you do not want to over highlight the outfit, just keep it sober and simple and you will rock it!


It is the first time I tried this, and I am surprised and happy of the outcome.

This side-to-side braid is perfect and chic, keeps most of the hair out the way.

This hairstyle is perfect for short - bob-like hair - and long hair. I highly suggest you try it because it is a pretty alternative to the classic braid looks and summer ponytails. Any 'rebellious' hair can be kept under control with a hair pin.

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