Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Item of the week


Lovely option for this summer 2013 look. Mocassins are a great substitution to sneakers, sandals, wedges and what not. They come in so many different colours your only job is choose which one you like best. 


Minnetonka Shoes, Boat Mocassin Flats
Minnetoka Thunderbird
I also am in love with these shoes because they are very comfortable - my feet are quite difficult when it comes to shoes - and they are, objectively speaking, good-looking shoes. They started out as boat shoes but they soon expanded and I can see everyone wearing these every day, during their busy schedules and routines... 

These shoes are conquering our summer and they are a YAY!


Massimo Dutti

The other day I bought a pair... and I am completely in love with them! They are navy with a brown ribbon in the front and framing the shoe's sides. They are the most amazing shoes I own and I literally wear them with everything and I want to wear them every single day... and  it may look like I own just THAT pair of shoes. •_•

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