Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Let's Go Sailor Shorts

Just some sailor shorts and a bright blouse for my summer time

Just some sailor shorts and a bright blouse for my summer time

In the summer we all want to go to the beach and have a relaxing time before going back to our old and busy routines. Everyone is probably working hard to obtain the 'perfect bikini body' to show off with the latest swimwear so that everything looks (hopefully) the way you wanted.

the outfit

I decided to pick bright blue sailor shorts - haist wasit - as my main item. To keep up with the summer trends and my colorful look, I chose to go for an orange buttoned blouse. The golden buttons of the shorts match the golden triangular necklace, showing how small details matter in fashion.


Long necklaces have been a viral trend for a long time now, but what has been updated was the shape of the pendant. This year, it looks like triangles are the most popular shapes in the fashion industry. Some people might choose to wear triangles because of their religious, historical meanings, and other might wear it just because they look aesthetically nice.

On the other hand, cuff bracelets (Buffy) are also a growing trend lately. They can be found all plain silver or gold, or - as I like them best - with colorful details and patterns.

the shoes

As for the shoes, I would opt for neutral shades. For example, flat beige (Ted Baker) or white (Karen Millen) sandals would fit this look perfectly during the day. Either one, out of the two colours, will show off your tan.

If you want to take this for a night out, you may think of wearing open black wedges (New Look). The wooden heel is a very elegant alternative to classic summer wedges and they will certainly give you a classy and edgy look.

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