Friday, 21 June 2013

Pastel Combo

Combining pastel colours in one outfit...

Lovely pastel colours during the summer are an excellent choice to keep your wardrobe up-to-date and fresh looking. Even if another trend suggests that bright colours are this summer's main trend, we should not forget the lighter version of these colours. 

The reason why I love pastel-coloured outfits is because they mainly highlight the skin colours. Not only these colours give you a softer appearance, but they also 'relax' the eye. Plus, you will not be looking like a 'walking rainbow'. >.< 

The outfit I chose to share today is a cream cardigan styled with a 'piggy' pink blouse and paired with light blue jeans. Three different colours that definitely work great together. As for the shoes, I opted for black sneaker wedges - that go well with everything - but you can also decide to go for flat sandals (white, cream, pink, black... the colours is really up to you).


The pink blouse is like the 'centre-piece' of the whole outfit. Everything pretty much revolves around it. The fabric is cotton but it looks like lace when paying special attention to it. This reminds me of old-fashioned porcelain dolls... all dress up with lace dresses and blouses. The blouse also fastens with a button at the back, leaving a 'drop' of nude skin on your back... sexy chic!

Anyways... apart from the neck line, the blouse is quite plain. For this reason, a long golden necklace forms the perfect combination for this outfit. I would suggest any long necklace, preferably golden.


The cardigan also pays attention to the details. It ties with a knot on your waist line and it falls gently down the sides. The ripple effect created with the over-lapping fabric is why I love this garment so much!

                    LOVING THE ACCESSORIES

For this outfit I liked to play around with colours (as you can obviously see), and my favourite part is accessorising and pumping everything up. A cute dangling earring with a pink ribbon reminding me of my trip to PARIS, together with a hair clip starring Minni Mouse just make my day better.

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