Thursday, 27 June 2013

Stumbling Around Milan... my bright blue jeans.

I felt like a wonder around today so I hopped into my car and went to have a walk around my city: Milan. What I saw was mainly business men dragging themselves to bars and restaurants for their lunch breaks. But what I also saw was many many shop windows preparing for the Spring/Summer sales!!

I honestly cannot hold myself more than I am right now; I am very excited about sales and it is going to be a busy week when they start! Gotta prepare myself before hand I'm guessing.


By the way, this is the outfit I showed off in Milan today:

A chic and simple combination of light blue and beige. I wanted to focus mainly of the jeans, so I chose to highlight them by wearing neutral nude colours on top. 

A summer tank top (Pull & Bear) with a lace back matching my long open cardigan (Zara). Nothing feel more comfortable on a cloudy day. 

To be honest, I stole the belt from another cardigan I had; it just looked very pretty with this one as well. Plus, since both the cardigan and top and loose, I thought of tying everything at the waist to give my body a little more shape.

AND... just because the day is cloudy, it doesn't mean the colours I am wearing have to be in sympathetic union with the weather.


I posted about them before but I am utterly in love with them! My lovely mocassins are - for a second time - the protagonists of my outfit. 

Lovely and comfortable boat shoes that go with every look. Furthermore, the brown leather strings match the belt and the colours of the bracelets... I  really thought of everything!


This look's main accessories are found on my wrists. I have a couple of very thing and golden cuff bracelets; some are with pearls and some just metal.

 I like to wear these kind of bracelets but not too many of them because it looks too messy for me.

I usually go for a more sober look that includes a small amount of everything. On my other wrist I have adapted a watch bracelet - taken away the watch part - and paired it with a golden metal "belt" like bracelet (H&M).

 A vintage necklace (Accessorize) would be ideal to complete this look. The colours used are all classified as 'pastel colours', meaning very light and not pungent hues.

The earrings I chose are pendant chain earrings, white and yellow gold. The little pendants are basic shapes like stars, teddy bears and dolphins - reminds me of my childhood.


The hairstyle depicted in the image is a typical and simple bun. It is held together by a long hair fork - as I have a lot of hair, it had to be long to keep it all up and in one place. This is a very comfortable solution for when you go to the beach, especially if, like me, you happen to have long hair.

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