Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What I Always Carry

In My Beauty Bag

As every girl, there are a few things I just have to carry with me around all the time. I believe a girl always have to look at her best all the time, because it is at that point when you can spot whether someone really takes care about themselves. 

Sometimes, when in a rush, you might throw all the stuff you might need into a bag and just leave the house hoping you did not forget your favourite lipstick or a mascara. Usually what I do is prepare an "emergency beauty bag". In this bag I just put the essentials I am going to need whenever I leave the house.

Hand cream
To make sure my hands are hydrated and soft at all times, I always carry a hand cream with me. I apply it whenever I feel my hands getting dry or immediately after washing my hands. I got used to this 'routine' and now I simply cannot live without it. If you have ever felt your skin a bit rigid and dry, the most plausible reason is probably due to dehydrated skin.

There are many hand cream brands that I love, although I have grown to like DOVE more than others - my second choice being NIVEA.
DOVE Night (left) is probably the one I love most! You wear it before going to bed and the next morning you will find your hands as soft as ever. A super relaxing bed-time scent. The night cream is perfect if you do not want any fuss or extra weight in you handbag - which is probably bursting from all the things you have put in it - and you can place it on you bed-side table so you don't forget.

Instead, for the rest of us, the 'all-day' hand cream (right). It can be worn at any time during the day. Obviously you don't have to become a slave of skin-hydrating - I don't mean that every time you wash your hands the cream goes immediately after it - or you would finish the entire bottle in just a week! Just whenever you feel like your skin is dry is just fine.

Here is what I always have in my small make-up bag. They are just a few things I cannot survive without - most of the time - but somedays I would happily love to walk around without make-up at all. It just happens I have one of those 'lovely days' where my self-esteem is high; as for the rest of the year, here is what I carry with me:

∆ mascara (Benefit)

∆ nude lipstick (MAC)

∆ roll-on perfume (Juicy Couture)

∆ nail polish (Essie)

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