Saturday, 27 July 2013

Orange and Gold

Orange & Gold @ Banana Republic

Fashion is all about mixing and matching pieces together. Sometime its easier, like with a pair of jeans and a plain top, but other times you can be less cautious and throw in a bit more colour!

Here is my pick of the week by Banana Republic:

You might decide to pair these 
two beautiful  colours, gold and
orange, together for a bright combo! 

Or if you want to feel 
safer and highlight just 
the top, you can go for 
short denims.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Item of the week:

Lace Top

Lace has been really popular lately and I spot it every where I go, no matter what country I'm in, lace is always there.

Here is a simple summer's outfit that uses lace.

Pair up some simple denim shorts with bright converse for the bottom, and a white lace top for the upper part. Nothing will feel fresher than those little holes in the shirt.

To complete the look I went a little vintage with the jewellery  I picked a vintage brown leather and gold watch and a long 'peace' necklace.

If the weather is even warmer, a pair of gladiator sandals make a perfect match for this look.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


The natural look

Face and cheeks:

A natural and light foundation is always advised when applying make-up - unless of course you have acne or bad skin conditions - as the skin needs to breathe. 

After the foundation is applied I would suggest to use some fixing powder so the foundation stays longer on your skin. 

You can add some light pink blush to make your face appear less 'flat'.


For the eyes I used Benefit mascara. The outcome is very natural and the eye lashes are well separated. No pencil or eye liner is used because I am trying to keep the make-up as sober as possible.

I also use Benefit's brow palette to intensity my eye brows and make then a little darker; it also helps to define the outline.


With the lips I decided to go a little more intense. I applied a bright red lip stain. I would suggest to apply and define the outline of your lip with a lip pencil (similar to the lipstick you are going to use) and then fill the lip in - just like an artist. After this you may apply the lipstick.

By following this procedure the lipstick will keep its intensity longer.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Go sales!

Sales have officially started... 

and the shopping begins!

Definitely one of the busiest days to go shopping... but you have to be determined, prepared and HAVE FUN!


This is officially one of my favourite days of the year. The time where you rush out your house with a wallet full of money - possibly money you saved up so you don't go on overdraft - or a loaded credit card and start the shopping spree!

Everyone will be competing with you on this very day. People will be going after the same items, same sizes and.. boy will it get chaotic!!

Here are three survival steps to help you through with this:

1. CERTAINTY: go in the stores you are sure of finding what you are looking for first. This way might still find some sizes... if you can, try going in the morning (especially during the week if you don't work), the amount of people around will definitely be less.

2. YAY-NAY: go for the shops that you classified as 'second priority'. These may be the ones you saw some nice things in, but are not sure whether they will fit you greatly or not. You can do this maybe the next few days, after the big rush is off and after you completed the first step.

3. WONDER EVENING: once the big two are gone, you are now free to wonder around knowing that the things you wanted to get are safely stored in those super colorful shopping bag of your! 


And here is one of the things I found while shopping...

... directly from the Zara store in Milan.

Isn't this display wonderful? It is all done with shopping paper bags, colorful ribbons and straps. Very nice and creative way of attracting customers to the store!

Friday, 5 July 2013

French Riviera

It feels like a beach day

Even the beach gets chilly at times... always better to come prepared for those windy days.

Accessories are important, which is why a charm bracelet is always appropriate and never gets unnoticed. Not even when wearing a long sleeved cardigan.

Always with dark sunglasses on to protect the eyes from the sun rays, but for the rest, let's enjoy the sun.

Denim shorts, print top and black zipped cardigan. No better way to approach a windy day at the beach. 

France and its amazing weather... just don't forget the occasional windy day.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Crans Total White

When I was blond, I wore white

Looking back at these pictures I clearly see how much I've changes. Still cannot believe that about 3 years have passed since these were taken!

My blond look led me to wear the brightest colours, one of which, white.

A lovely top with an equal neckline in the front and back. The unique selling point of this top is in its fishnet sleeves. One of the freshest shirt in my closet.  
Absolutely perfect.

Bright white sunglasses to match the top and off we go exploring this this cute little town in the mountains of Switzerland.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Road Trip

Bergamo - Italy

Today I decided to go on a little road trip to kill some of my days here in Milan - I am getting bored of this city, so, in my attempt to escape it, I chose Bergamo.

Just an hour away from Milan and full of beautiful landscapes (especially from the top of the hill - Bergamo Alta) and marvellous food!

 Here are the items I wore today:

- light blue denim jacket (Pull & Bear)

- orange crop top (American Apparel)

- black maxi skirt (Zara)

- black open wedges (Zara)

- orange handbag 

Usually I wouldn't wear a black maxi skirt during the day, but I woke up this morning and thought "why not?". 

A simple black maxi skirt did work out today. As it is a high waist skirt, I pared it up with a bright crop top.