Monday, 8 July 2013

Go sales!

Sales have officially started... 

and the shopping begins!

Definitely one of the busiest days to go shopping... but you have to be determined, prepared and HAVE FUN!


This is officially one of my favourite days of the year. The time where you rush out your house with a wallet full of money - possibly money you saved up so you don't go on overdraft - or a loaded credit card and start the shopping spree!

Everyone will be competing with you on this very day. People will be going after the same items, same sizes and.. boy will it get chaotic!!

Here are three survival steps to help you through with this:

1. CERTAINTY: go in the stores you are sure of finding what you are looking for first. This way might still find some sizes... if you can, try going in the morning (especially during the week if you don't work), the amount of people around will definitely be less.

2. YAY-NAY: go for the shops that you classified as 'second priority'. These may be the ones you saw some nice things in, but are not sure whether they will fit you greatly or not. You can do this maybe the next few days, after the big rush is off and after you completed the first step.

3. WONDER EVENING: once the big two are gone, you are now free to wonder around knowing that the things you wanted to get are safely stored in those super colorful shopping bag of your! 


And here is one of the things I found while shopping...

... directly from the Zara store in Milan.

Isn't this display wonderful? It is all done with shopping paper bags, colorful ribbons and straps. Very nice and creative way of attracting customers to the store!
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