Wednesday, 10 July 2013


The natural look

Face and cheeks:

A natural and light foundation is always advised when applying make-up - unless of course you have acne or bad skin conditions - as the skin needs to breathe. 

After the foundation is applied I would suggest to use some fixing powder so the foundation stays longer on your skin. 

You can add some light pink blush to make your face appear less 'flat'.


For the eyes I used Benefit mascara. The outcome is very natural and the eye lashes are well separated. No pencil or eye liner is used because I am trying to keep the make-up as sober as possible.

I also use Benefit's brow palette to intensity my eye brows and make then a little darker; it also helps to define the outline.


With the lips I decided to go a little more intense. I applied a bright red lip stain. I would suggest to apply and define the outline of your lip with a lip pencil (similar to the lipstick you are going to use) and then fill the lip in - just like an artist. After this you may apply the lipstick.

By following this procedure the lipstick will keep its intensity longer.

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