Thursday, 26 September 2013

Top 5 items from

I present to you my new discovery. 

This super cute vintage shop I found on the Internet while stumbling through various - not very well known - online shops. 

As soon as I came across this online shop, I HAD to post my favourite pieces, although I must admit, it was quite challenging to pick just five. 

Here they are:

A lovely pastel pink dress that quite reminds me of
those amazingly cute doll outfits. This dress is made up
of a sleeveless shirt and a sheer skirt.

Dress-up with:
- black heeled sandals
- shiny clutch bag
- short black leather jacket

Dress-down with:
- flats (ballerinas, ankle-strapped sandals)
- small shoulder bag
- sunglasses
Grey suede ankle boots for this Fall 2013.
Solid and comfortable wooden heel; just enough to
make your legs leaner and longer.

Dress-up with:
- skinny jeans
- white/beige v-neck top
- black blazer

Dress-down with:
- denim shorts
- white t-shirt
- sunglasses

Very unique colour for these long trousers.
A vintage touch is given through the high-waist and that
super cute ribbon.

Dress-up with:
- white/black heels, 
- clutch bag,
- lace top

Dress-down with:
- flats
- large handbag
- printed tank top

Warm colours for this Fall 2013. Beige 
cotton mixed with dark brown leather straps
is the ideal representation of chic, casual 
and stylish. It also includes additional
shoulder straps for a more comfortable wear.

Dress-up with:
- heeled boots
- knee-length dress

Dress-down with:
- brown leather jacket
- straight-legged jeans
- t-shirt

Lovely and extremely comfortable. A
beige knitwear with black patterns on the bottom
half of this jumper. Ideally casual.

Dress-up with:
- black heels, 
- black handbag
- black leather jeans (skinny)

Dress-down with:
- black leggings
- boots

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