Saturday, 5 October 2013

Go Sports!

I just entered The Volleyball varsity team at my University, so I thought of doing a little entry on sportswear.

Usually when we think about fashion and getting dressed, we think about going out, events, special occasions of every day wonder arounds. What we usually forget is that we have to look chic also while we keep our bodies in shape.

I have put together my top four 'must have' items when you work out; so you look chic while sweating your heart out.

The perfect workout T-shirt. Loose
but fitted at the same time. I always
tend to choose bright colours to help
brighten up my mood when working

Grey slim fit pants. Amazing
when working out. Comfortable,
fitted and very sexy, for a cute little
workout in a total fashionable style. 
To workout properly, you will not
be going around with Converse shoes
or others along that line. You have to choose
proper working out trainers. These have a
spring on the heel of the shoe that helps
you in your daily exercises and eases
your legs while working out.
A gym bag is an essential piece when
working out. You store all your beauty
products and changing clothes. And...
it has to be a trendy one too. When
you have the right equipment, you
will automatically feel better already.

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