Sunday, 6 October 2013

Vintage Fair

Found myself in a lovely Vintage Fair and thought I might pop in and take a look. What surprised me most was not the amount of people wondering through the stands but the amount of young people that went compared to the ones belonging to the 'older generation'. It is nice to see such interest amongst the younger people. Everyone is attracted to vintage items, and hopefully this will last.

A very '60s atmosphere was created with live music on stage, vintage beauty makeover and a cute tea corner full of pastries and a great tea variety. 

Here are my two favourite dresses:

Blue short dress with lace attached to
the front of the dress, highlighting the 
waist. Cute white and pink flowers make
the dress feminine and definitely vintage.

I would pair this with dark blue tights and 
pink flats for a more feminine touch; 
alternatively, brown ankle boots for a 
more casual chic approach.

A cute pink cotton dress with a white
lace upper part. Very feminine, very
vintage and perfect for a casual day

 I would pair this with nude tights,
a white handbag and black or white flats.
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