Friday, 18 July 2014

It's Back To School Time


Who Do You Want to Be?     

Back-to-School with Warby Parker 

Warby Parker

College is one of the few opportunities where you get to create your identity. Who do you want to be? Small town kid sampling life in the big city? Shy, self-conscious bookworm trying to get through the year? This is your time to step up and take charge of how the world sees you, not to mention how you affect the world, and if you wear glasses, you should look into Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a globally-minded, trend-setting eyewear company that is changing the way the world sees glasses. Their ultra-hip eyewear is popping up on celebrity Instagram feeds and getting noticed in fashion circles. (Check out the Karlie Kloss x Warby Parker Collaboration.) Warby Parker frames are sourced from sustainable materials and manufactured by family companies. For every pair purchased (and they are all absolutely affordable), they give a pair of their own eyeglasses to VisionSpring, a a charity that trains people in low-income communities around the world to conduct eye exams and set up businesses selling glasses for a few bucks a piece. They have already donated over a million pairs. And,they have a Home Try-On program where you pick five styles online that you like, they send them to you, you try them on, pick out your favorite for purchase online and return your samples… the entire home-try-on program is FREE

Warby Parker cares about eyewear, cares about the planet and cares about you.

So, when you return to school this year, who would you like to be? The self-indulgent adolescent who looks as if they've stepped from the pages of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, or the mindful, young adult ready to take on the world Clark Kent-style? Let Warby Parker help you choose. 

Warby Parker

Monday, 17 March 2014

Snake print by Kurt Geiger

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are my lovely new shoes!!!

 Shoe Name:       Bailey
 Heel:                  10 cm
 Color:                 Black, grey, white
 Sole:                   Leather
Animal-friendly:   Yes - the snake print in synthetic -

The snake print has been popular for years now, and while trends come and go, this seems to be a constant 'stay' in fashion collections. Some designers keep it every year, some like to change, but in the end, they all come back to it.

I used to dislike the snake print, but I guess that growing up has helped me realise that it is a classy and sophisticated addition to any outfit. Color patterns of snake prints vary, they could be black and orange, yellow and brown... and many more. Although I believe that the best things in life and the original and simple ones, hence the monochromatic scale of colours. 

These shoes are perfect with every outfit, here are a few examples of outfit that would be great with these pair of shoes:

#1: Party Mode

Life of the party

#2: Work-wear

Classic work wear

#3: Casual glamorous 

Casual Glamour

Monday, 3 March 2014

Zara: SS14

I took advantage of the lovely weather conditions heres in Bournemouth and decided to have a wonder into town, into the Zara store to be specific, and I had a little browse and a taste of the new collection. I have to saw that it is all based on pastel hues but occasionally yo will encounter the bright yellow blazer and neon blue handbag. I really love the way Zara manages to use bright colours and adopt such simplistic and minimalistic look that obviously highlight the person wearing them and not the actual clothing item itself.

Here are my favourite Zara look for SS14, and below you will find my personal favourite tops.

zara green trousers

Bright green trousers. A different style, different colours, and even though pastel hues are still the main element for this year's SS14 collections, adding bright tones to your outfits will get you noticed. 

Especially why not show off these beautiful trousers with a wonderful caribbean tan this summer.

Zara leather laminated shopper bag blue
This is the leather shopper bag. A beautiful and simple outline for a wonderfully large handbag. Many celebs have been spotted wearing this piece

and it is certainly a comfortable item to have with
you when shopping or simple whenever you have
loads of stuff to carry around. Because we all know
that a handbag can NEVER be to big!

Beautifully laminated interiors for a bright and chic personality.

Knee-length pleated print skirt for a fresh look this spring. With its white background and strokes of yellows, oranges and blues, this skirt is perfect for the hot sunny weather that we'll hopefully be attending. 

To complete the look, I would suggest a color matching the skirt, thus a pastel orange or yellow with black plain ballerinas and a small bright shoulder bag.

Friday, 14 February 2014

A Valentine's alternative

On Valentine's day you might be thinking if what to weat for your fancy and romabtic night out. Well, why not try wearing something different? 

I would abandon the idea of wearing pinks and reds, and go for something new, in a way, but always very elegant.

This is the outfit i came up with:
- purple sparkly top;
- white skinny jeans;
- nude stilettos 

The bag is up to you, but a simple black one will do. Altrrnatively you can use the colors of the outfit for a perfect match. 

Have a lovely day everyone!


Sunday, 9 February 2014

My SS14 H&M inspired outfit

It was a bright sunny day here in the UK, and since it doesn't happen very often,
I decided to go for a wonder into town and, why not, do a little SS14 browsing.

One of my favourite things to do in a fashion store is try everything on! It is just
so much fun to mix and match items to experiment and find new styles, or develop
my current one.
You can like the image here
So, as a result of my continuous trying on clothes, I ended up buying two items: a 
blouse and a skirt.

And if you want to keep the outfit going with H&M, here are some shoes what would
fit well with the pattern of the skirt:

And here is my ideal outfit, using these two items...

Elegance with a dash of daring

 Sunglasses: TOMS
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Skirt: H&M                  

Handbag: Chanel
Blouse: H&M

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Eye Wear Crazy

Some people need them, some people fake they need them, but one thing is certain: 


As someone who has worn glasses since the early age of four, I have to say that finding the right pair is very difficult. There are so many things that have to be taken in consideration, like the shape of your face, big or small lenses, color, brand... and so on!

So here is my favourite selection of eye wear that made me want to reconsider the pair I own at the moment...

Warby Parker

This pair of glasses is really sophisticated and extremely glamourous. It reminds me of the classic Rayban shape but taken to a whole other level.
I love the details on the glasses, those strikes of browns that make the glass look like its made of laminated wood. The slender and rounded shape is what makes this optical eye wear stand out, and definitely worth trying on!


What a marvellous classical look that Chanel has released. Super chic with that little ribbon on the side! I really am in love with this product. Most of all, I like the way it uses the contrast between black and cream to create that sophisticated and fashionable look.

This is perfect is you want your new eye wear to be rounded and quite big, compared to all those super thin eye wear I keep seeing around. The positive side about it is that you can move your eyes in every angle and still be able to see beyond.

Dior very elegant and contemporary style for your eyes. Dior has always portrayed a very posh look when thinking about eye wear and this pair, in particular, is the perfect outcome.

Simple lines and design that will make your beautiful face, especially your eyes, definitely stand out!


If you prefer something without the frame, these glasses are just for you. 

Blumarine's stunning design is a little bit more girlish than the previous ones as it uses a variation on pink. This, paired with black and little swarovski stones, create an elegant and chic look.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Pastel Hues For A Soothing Spring

Spring 2014 will be all about pastel shades, so I thought of doing an entry today about this.

I think pastel colours are so natural and so chic that they just reflect the spring-time spirit. Flowers bloom, and the weather gets warmer and the sun will be shining more often again. Not to mention later sunsets!

I thought I might share with you some of my favourite items from the Spring 2014 collections, which of course are already on my shopping list!

                                                                        ZARA - 25.99 GBP

This is such a soothing colour for a crop top. The past season was about bright colours like pinks, reds, oranges and yellows, and this season everything seems to have relaxed a little.

By being a cropped top, any high-waisted bottom will sit the style perfectly. I like how they styled it with white, although a colour contrast (obviously still remaining on the pastel hues) would also be a nice touch.

I would also wear this cropped top with a pastel yellow or pink skirt/shorts and white wedges.

                                                           BANANA REPUBLIC - 59.50 GBP

A beautifully decorated camel skirt for an elegant cocktail evening or a casual chic day outfit. I am absolutely in love with the details on this skirt: the bronze flowers on the camel background are just perfect.

Just like in the picture, I would also pair it with a cream top and golden flats or low heels - to make the skirt stand out and not the rest. This is one of those clothing items that has to stand out on its own, so the look cannot be over elaborated.

The banded waist is another detail I like about this skirt. It creates the looks of a sophisticated and stylish young woman.

 LIU.JO - 61.00 GBP

A large pastel pink wallet that every girl needs.  The outside and inside zipper are very chic and make this wallet a practical and fashionable accessory for this Spring.

The handy inside pockets also make life easier for us, as we always have many things to carry around in a wallet. Plus, when you don't need a big bag, you can use this as an elegant night-time purse as it can contain your basic needs: money & phone.

The shiny outside laminated leather make this accessory a must-have for this Spring 2014.

                RIVER ISLAND - 28.00 GBP

A pastel green moccasin for this Spring is just perfect to complete this entry. The golden detail at the front contrasts greatly with the colours and makes this shoes very fashionable and a perfect fit for a pair of short and a simple blouse.

I love moccasins as they can be dressed up or down, according to the circumstances, and they make a great day-to-night in case you need a little inspiration for a Spring Break Weekend.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Boots Mania

I think the fashion industry is striving to say that this year is the BOOT SEASON!

So many different types of boots are around. I walked past the main shopping area earlier today, and WOW there are so many different types of boots: high-knee, ankle boots, leather, quilted, strapped, studded, heeled, wedges, fabric... so many types!

So, while having a wonder in my favourite stores, here are the top 5 boots I liked:

Low heeled boot - Nicholas Kirkwood

A contemporary and low-heeled boot for those of you who just
want to keep it simple and plain. Very stylish and extremely elegant
boot, perfect for every occasion: from casual day out to a chic
cocktail evening.

My ideal combo would be with a mid-knee tartan skirt,
black tights and white blouse/shirt. Obviously a lovely handbag an
marvellous jewellery. Alternatively, you can opt for a more garçon
approach, with elegant shorts, tights and a silk blouse.

Ankle boots - Jeffrey Campbell Starburst

A beautiful classic and aggressive ankle boot. Tiny golden flat studs
at cover the whole shoe, matching the fabulous golden straps on the
ankle. Zipper on the side and a low heel. What more could you
want from a casual but highly fashionable ankle boot?

Calf boots - UGG

These babies will never go out of style. Super warm and cosy
and extremely fashionable. You can wear them with literally
everything (maybe except a cocktail dress and any elegant 
outfit). No matter what the weather conditions, these shoes
are going to keep your feet warm, and the best thing is, you 
always feel as though you are wearing nice and comfortable

Riding boots - Ralph Lauren

Riding boots have also made it in my top 5 boot trends
for 2014. Amazing how this trend grew so quickly in such
a short amount of time! Anyway, these are very fashionable,
comfortable extremely elegant boots. Most of these boots are
found in brown hues, but there are other colour variations, such as black or grey.

The mix of leather and suede make this shoe perfect for a casual chic
day. Fits amazingly well with skinny jeans, leggings and skirts. Why
not also try them with shorts and tights for an alternative look. The
golden straps on the ankles give the boot a less 'horse-riding' theme
but a more stylish touch.

Who is up for some over-the-knee boots. Apparently
the new trend for this year. They fit amazing with skinny jeans,
and why not try them with leggings or a knee-length skirt. Black
is also the perfect colour as it is always wearable. Plus, don't worry
about changing shoes for a casual night-out, these boots are also the
perfect transformation day-to-night footwear.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blazer-ing it out!

You can mix and match the blazer by picking on the details. For example,
the striped wrists on the blazer match the top underneath.

You can either follow the monochromatic scale or, if you feel more confident,
why not add some colour. 

Accessorising up or down your look is important for the final 
effect. I opted for a more casual approach, involving a sports-style
but chic white watch with golden details, and plain white earrings.

Beauty is simplicity. And most of the time, simplicity is just what we need to do the trick.

If you ever find yourself undecided on what to wear on top of that gorgeous t-shirt or blouse of yours, then why not go for a classic black blazer?! It is a simple problem-solver and it literally fits every look. Whether you are going for a casual or elegant look, the blazer is always your key.