Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blazer-ing it out!

You can mix and match the blazer by picking on the details. For example,
the striped wrists on the blazer match the top underneath.

You can either follow the monochromatic scale or, if you feel more confident,
why not add some colour. 

Accessorising up or down your look is important for the final 
effect. I opted for a more casual approach, involving a sports-style
but chic white watch with golden details, and plain white earrings.

Beauty is simplicity. And most of the time, simplicity is just what we need to do the trick.

If you ever find yourself undecided on what to wear on top of that gorgeous t-shirt or blouse of yours, then why not go for a classic black blazer?! It is a simple problem-solver and it literally fits every look. Whether you are going for a casual or elegant look, the blazer is always your key.

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