Monday, 17 March 2014

Snake print by Kurt Geiger

Ladies and Gentlemen, here are my lovely new shoes!!!

 Shoe Name:       Bailey
 Heel:                  10 cm
 Color:                 Black, grey, white
 Sole:                   Leather
Animal-friendly:   Yes - the snake print in synthetic -

The snake print has been popular for years now, and while trends come and go, this seems to be a constant 'stay' in fashion collections. Some designers keep it every year, some like to change, but in the end, they all come back to it.

I used to dislike the snake print, but I guess that growing up has helped me realise that it is a classy and sophisticated addition to any outfit. Color patterns of snake prints vary, they could be black and orange, yellow and brown... and many more. Although I believe that the best things in life and the original and simple ones, hence the monochromatic scale of colours. 

These shoes are perfect with every outfit, here are a few examples of outfit that would be great with these pair of shoes:

#1: Party Mode

Life of the party

#2: Work-wear

Classic work wear

#3: Casual glamorous 

Casual Glamour

Monday, 3 March 2014

Zara: SS14

I took advantage of the lovely weather conditions heres in Bournemouth and decided to have a wonder into town, into the Zara store to be specific, and I had a little browse and a taste of the new collection. I have to saw that it is all based on pastel hues but occasionally yo will encounter the bright yellow blazer and neon blue handbag. I really love the way Zara manages to use bright colours and adopt such simplistic and minimalistic look that obviously highlight the person wearing them and not the actual clothing item itself.

Here are my favourite Zara look for SS14, and below you will find my personal favourite tops.

zara green trousers

Bright green trousers. A different style, different colours, and even though pastel hues are still the main element for this year's SS14 collections, adding bright tones to your outfits will get you noticed. 

Especially why not show off these beautiful trousers with a wonderful caribbean tan this summer.

Zara leather laminated shopper bag blue
This is the leather shopper bag. A beautiful and simple outline for a wonderfully large handbag. Many celebs have been spotted wearing this piece

and it is certainly a comfortable item to have with
you when shopping or simple whenever you have
loads of stuff to carry around. Because we all know
that a handbag can NEVER be to big!

Beautifully laminated interiors for a bright and chic personality.

Knee-length pleated print skirt for a fresh look this spring. With its white background and strokes of yellows, oranges and blues, this skirt is perfect for the hot sunny weather that we'll hopefully be attending. 

To complete the look, I would suggest a color matching the skirt, thus a pastel orange or yellow with black plain ballerinas and a small bright shoulder bag.